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TEP in Strasburg and Workshop recording  

01-03 Fev 2019

* The Power of the Heart Connection in Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) *

Steve Well's next workshop will be in Strasburg from 11 to 13 october 2019, organised in with avec iepra.

Impressions of the Workshop of february 2019

Get a taste for your next workshop with Steve

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The Power of the Heart Connection in Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

In this inspiring and unique workshop you'll learn how to establish a heart to heart connection with clients and use your heart energy to facilitate deep level emotional healings.

You'll learn to combine this heart connection with the power of tapping, intention, acceptance, provocation, paradox and humour to create transformational changes for yourself and others.


You'll learn and use 3 Powerful Energy Psychology Modalities:

  • Simple Energy Techniques (SET) tapping,

  • Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), also known as Intention Tapping, and, mostly,

  • Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

Workshop in english with simultaneous translation into french

Your Presenter:

Steve Wells is an internationally recognised psychologist, leadership coach, and peak performance consultant from Perth, Western Australia. He has a wealth of experience and expertise working with people from all walks of life to overcome emotional barriers to success, regain their passion for life, and find their true purpose.


Steve is co-creator (with Dr. David Lake) of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET). He also developed Intention-based Energy Process (IEP). He has helped many thousands of people through his worldwide personal development and professional training workshops.


Steve is author of the bestseller 100% YES! and co-author of 4 books, including Enjoy Emotional Freedom, New Energy Therapies, and PET: The Manual. He is also co-author of the French books Libérez-vous des Emotions Negatives, and Techniques Energetiques Provocatrices.

Who is this for? 

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to enhance their life and relationships. It is especially  for those "uncommon practitioners" who like to work flexibly, rather than following a mechanical approach. It’s for those who work warm-heartedly. If you value flexibility, acceptance, connection, and humour this could be for you.


I need to add something here about willingness to work with the dark side. As a practitioner it is tempting to get hooked in to the pressure to “be positive”. However, this won’t help most clients, and can make things worse, triggering resistance and driving the problem underground. So you need to develop the courage to go wherever you are needed in the service of the client.


Who is this NOT for?


This is not for you if you do not have a working sense of humour or if you are upset by politically incorrect language or adult themes, since PET deliberately uses and exaggerates stereotypes and stuck thinking patterns to get you thinking and feeling in new ways.



The ultimate aim of this workshop is to help you go beyond techniques to embracing acceptance, heart connection, being fully present, working in the here and now, trusting your intuition, adapting to different clients, working with resistance rather than against it, and helping people to succeed by being who they are.


You'll discover: 

• How to establish a strong heart to heart connection with clients and others

• How to tell when you have lost connection and how to recover

• Ways to enhance and strengthen your heart connection with provocative humour


Steve’s workshops are always inspiring and filled with practical techniques you can use immediately to improve your life.


More feedback on PET and Steve's workshops:


 “Thank you for your amaaaaaazing workshop in Brussels! Thank you for your compassion, wit, intelligence, acceptance and your wide open heart. I continue to benefit from it greatly on a personal and also a professional level. With clients I was amazed at how light things were despite the numerous deep issues that were treated ... AND it’s so much fun for everyone!”  

— Christine Blanchet, EFT Trainer, France  


“The fine-tuning and addition of the PET techniques have profoundly expanded my effectiveness … I am amazed at how much more quickly and comfortably clients have been moving through their issues, pain and trauma.” 

— Lynda Malerstein, Hypnotherapist, USA


“Thank you for an amazing weekend. I am deeply grateful. Many workshops promise to be life-transforming and fun. This IS truly life-transforming and lots of fun.”  

— Dr Clare Tam, Brisbane, Australia

“A most fantastic experience. You have taken this work to a whole new level… your work is the therapy of the future.”  

– Sharon Toole, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada  


“After the first 2 days of PET, I knew this is something special, unlike anything I have learned in the past decade, studying many different tapping modalities, NLP, and so on…

The PET workshops have been life-transforming for me personally, as well as for me as a coach. It has shattered by previous belief system in such an empowering way that I have more fun in life, more fun in sessions, and most of all, better results with clients...

If you want results, and if you care about getting the best results for your clients while having the most fun possible, this is a must have in your skill-set for life…”   

– Sebastiaan van der Schrier, Social Anxiety Coach, Netherlands

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